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Learning How To Balance

“So what’s been on your mind lately?”

Dad and I are having coffee and I ponder how to wrap up everything in my Mom Brain with a neat, little bow.

“How to balance everything.”

I’ll never be one of those people with a singular focus or passion. I am a writer. A musician. And now I am a homeschooling mom.

But I’m beginning to glimpse how these three things are parts of a creative whole, rather than just three balls I’m failing to keep in the air. I’ve always adored children’s books. My last paid job was teaching children how to play the piano. And now I get to take a cup of creativity, and a tablespoon of instruction and experiment with teaching two little boys in our own home.


Why have an online presence at all? What have I possibly got to offer that is important enough to add to the Internet clutter?

If it’s true that everyone is given tools by the Creator to make the world a better place, to encourage those around us, then I am 100% certain that writing and music are my particular tools.

And yet…

Being a writer isn’t special.

Being a musician isn’t special.

Lots of people have those skills. Lots of people are much, much better than I at both.

But everyone’s voice is unique.

And because I trust (and can see) that the Creator is good at his job, I’m compelled to continue sharpening and using my tools, because I suspect He draws people together who can most impact each other. Like a good sports team, a well practiced orchestra, or the brilliantly crafted human body, all parts are needed and fit together in a way that benefits the whole.

Yes, but...

Why not just do that with the people in my immediate, physical vicinity? Why go online? Because I live in America, the land of the wealthy and lonely. The land of independence and self-importance. The land of the fractured, nuclear family where a person is expected to juggle all balls by themselves. Where nothing is really sacred or special anymore. Where only certain events are given media coverage. And it’s in this land that I find it so satisfying to write or sing or share something that is encouraging. That doesn’t simply entertain or distract someone from their life, but hopefully renews their energy for doing whatever it is they are called to do.

So to that end, my goal is to post twice a week (here and on Instagram) - books I highly recommend, homeschool and music lesson tips I’ve found or learned through trial and error, and of course, whatever I’m currently playing on my guitar in the kitchen (where the acoustics are great!!)

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Denise Hays
Denise Hays
Oct 27, 2022

Great, great read!! And we are thrilled that you work at and express your unique creativity. Such gifts are never a waste to improve upon. Keep at it, girl! We support all you do!

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