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Thank you for taking time to read this little drop in the Internet Ocean. 


There are so many blogs, how-to's, lists, and don't forget those grab-you headlines about things we normally wouldn't give TWO HOOTS about. My goal with this blog isn't to add to the noise. My goal is to hone my writing craft and share my particular story and voice with those it connects with the best. And I hope, above all, it is encouraging. 

I grew up in a small Midwestern family, graduated with a Bachelor's in music, and moved to the PNW a couple years afterward. I found a 6'8, kind and bearded man to marry. Taught piano, drummed at church, bought a husky, and renovated a large, dated house. Then, in my early 30's, I had fraternal twin boys! Nothing says time is short and you are not your own like having a family. Invaluable for a daydreamer. 

I've felt called, pulled, drawn to, etc. by four things my entire life. Jesus, music, writing, and having my own family. I get distracted very easily, as I find many things (and people) interesting, but those four things have never changed. I have an undying, every fiber of my being, put a gun to my head, belief that Jesus is exactly who He claimed to be. And the Hope and Peace stemming from that breathes purpose into even the most mundane days. 

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