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I'm Still HERE!


Don't let the lapses of time between posts fool you. I've been writing more than ever. Just not in here. I have several fiction projects in various stages of development, I write periodically in my personal journal and on Instagram, and I've been writing my church's weekly blog. After trying something new last week for the church blog (I traded in my usual non-fiction for fiction), I realized that instead of separating all my spheres of writing, I could combine at least a couple of them! SO. From now on, I will post whatever I wrote for both Instagram and the church blog on the official Becca Jansen website. :)

Are you curious what projects I'm working on? I'll tell you.

I've finished a children's story called Charlie Christmas tree, about a potted tree who is finally chosen, but discovers Christmas is something completely different than he thought. I'm working on the first draft of what a friend of mine refers to as a "dystopian." The main character is an uncommon one - a forty yr old woman with two young adult sons. I have 1-2 middle grade projects, and a slew of short stories with characters I love and stories I will flesh out when I have the time. Meanwhile, I am figuring out how I want to homeschool my fast growing twin boys, preparing to care for our newly built, large, backyard garden, and keeping up on my other love - music.

Oh, and for some reason, the other people in my house want to eat and exist in a clean, organized space. So there's that.

Just remember, unlike this husky down below, I'm not laying down on the writing job. I'm still here. So stay tuned!


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