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Don't let your imagination shrivel.

Good storytelling may not be included in the heavily praised S.T.E.M. categories. Taking time to read excellent stories may not be on your list of priorities. But that doesn't diminish the centrality and importance of good storytelling to our earthly lives. So much of what is most important is invisible, and as such, can be diminished or misunderstood or simply ignored.

We equate imagination with childhood, but true maturity doesn't mean our imagination diminishes. It should grow just as much as our bodies do when we become adults.

Letting our imagination shrivel really hampers our ability to understand things that are invisible. That are spiritual. If we go through life relying only on our own two little eyes, there is much we will miss.

All this to say...I just finished Book 2 of Andrew Peterson's Wingfeather Saga, and as a person, I'm inspired. As a writer, I'm inspired. Book 2 was even more enjoyable (!!) than the first, and I can barely wait to read the rest of the saga.


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