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Trading the Internet For A Simple Walk

This adorable husky, Atlas, played a key role in this week's new habit.

Removing unhealthy habits actually begins, not with removal, but with replacing or adding better habits in.

In my last post, I shared about my efforts in trading in my "American-born consumption clothes" for being present and then putting on "giving clothes."

So what consumption habit did I trade in this week?

I traded in watching Youtube and googling various questions after my kids went to bed for taking Atlas on a little 1 mile evening walk around our neighborhood. We have a large yard, so I rarely walk him anymore. Sad, I know.

So what benefits have I seen so far?

-It ensures I finish getting my steps in

-I work out life and and writing problems instead of consuming even more information

-Atlas is always a conversation starter, so we meet neighbors

-It helps me prioritize exercise, which is an absolutely necessary daily habit, especially as I get older.

-Atlas has slimmed down

I'm sure my fellow dog owners think this habit should've already been in place, but that's my point. I'm learning that it's ok to just be with my thoughts and not be reading or consuming something. :)

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Until next week!

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