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Today, Even Leviticus Was Interesting.

If Scripture was a river, this is what happens the more I read it. All of it. Even Leviticus. This month, I'm following my husband's example and have begun reading the entire Bible, starting at the beginning. Just like I would a novel. I'm not jumping around, cherry-picking, or depending on a devotional to tell me what to read. I'm just...reading. And this is what's happened so far:

I've entered the infamous "dry part" (aka the end of Exodus - Numbers), and yet...I'm still eager to get up and read it in the morning. I am not Jewish and, therefore, cultural things in the Bible will often go over my head. But as I read the Old Testament, things I remember Jesus saying or doing in the New Testament come to mind and make sense. When I read the chapters of detail about the construction of the Tabernacle in Exodus, I'm reminded of how God loves beauty and order and craftsmanship and detail all in equal measure. That He gives assignments and equips people with the intelligence and skill and energy to fulfill them.

The Bible is big. 66 books written across history by various people from various professions. It's hard to know where to start. So a lot of times we turn to an app, a book, a program, another person to tell us where and what to read. But, have you ever just started at the beginning and read it for yourself, like you would the latest novel? Of course, you can't read it in a week, but like anything else in life, a little bit every day will get it done.

If you have, tell me in the comments what you learned in the process. And if you haven' to join me this year?


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