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The Journal Has Been Cracked

Oh my.

Another month has gone by and I’ve turned into one of those half-hearted bloggers.

But it isn’t for lack of ideas and writing. My Colornote app has a long list of post ideas. My journal is nearing the end and I suppose I should start shopping for a new one.

But first, maybe it’s best to stop waiting for time to perfect. Because failure is just that: waiting and waiting without practicing in the meantime.

Having marriage, kids, and a home as my top priorities may make perfection impossible right now, but it doesn’t excuse at least a small amount of practice. If I can train my brain to give into the 15 Minute Rule for strength training after the kids go to bed, surely I can do that with writing!

Oh, and don’t go searching for that 15 Minute Rule. I made it up - if I tell myself to just go lift weights for 15 measly minutes, I’m way more apt to go do it. If I am genuinely fatigued, I stop after 15 minutes. But most of the time, I end up doing more.

The Plan

This blog was always meant to be a place of practice. Of interaction and feedback while the

longer projects slowly receive more attention as my kids age. So I’m cracking open my journal for you. Starting with the last entry. July 21st:

Bringing Children Into The World

Culture says it’s selfish to bring additional people into existence. There are enough people and most are suffering. But maybe that’s ascribing too much power to ourselves…

If the Creator brings us all into existence, all with a purpose, then maybe we have nothing to do with it, other than to shut out the potential blessing of having a family.

Maybe all children were going to exist anyways, but when they arrive in our lives it means we’ve been given the privilege of raising them.

After all, how many “carefully planning” people still get pregnant on birth control?


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