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Tech Panic

I didn't even bother making a New Year's resolution regarding a solid writing-while-homeschooling schedule (still struggling), BUT, I am at least READING!

This book caught my eye (because it's bright red?) at Barnes and Noble recently and since our kids have been using technology this year (we are teaching them how to use it - to learn/create, not just consume), AND I know I need to commit to regular social media posting for writing purposes (necessary evil I've been told)...I bought and read Tech Panic.

It's a short, easy read by a libertarian journalist who does a great job explaining recent censorship, canceling, Section 230, and other Big Tech concerns you may or may not have seen in the news. I thought he did a great job explaining things and laying out some food for thought without being arrogant or apocalyptic about it (that alone makes it worth reading, am I right? )

If you read it or have read it, leave your thoughts below! (I'm not passionate enough to engage in a long discourse, but I do love reading others' opinions.)

Now if only there was an award for the most parenthetical sentences in one blog post....

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