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Like A Child

My little boys are two months shy of turning three, and have been obsessed with the balance bikes I got them for their last birthday. We took them on their first ride outside our cul-de-sac. It was chilly, rainy at the beginning, and SUPERBLY windy, but you know how boys are. They didn't care.

I've been impressed watching how quickly they've picked up the skill. Their dad and I both love mountain biking, so we are thrilled they're getting an early start. One son in particular is really taking off and frequently pretends he's on a motorcycle. On one occasion last week, he sought out all the inclines/hills around our house and despite two crashes, he still wanted to ride. I was proud :)

What made me smile the biggest today, though, was that despite taking them on a long, paved, bike path, the boys rode half their journey on the rocks and grass to the side of the path. If there was an incline, or an obstacle, they were gonna give it a go.

I love that. I love that obstacles are seen as a fun challenge. That they are drawn to rocky terrain. As a kid, I always found long, smooth trails boring. But that usually changes in adulthood. We say we're adventurous, but most of us aren't. Fun and Challenge don't go together. And if they do, you are "an adrenaline junkie" who is "reckless." Or you're going to "stress yourself out." Or you're making your life "needlessly difficult."

But different terrain makes us look around and pay attention to the ride. It's too easy to zone out on the paved paths of life. Then it's over quickly and there's not much of a story to tell at the end. If the decision is between Comfortable and Interesting, what would my kid self have chosen?


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