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Halloween Victory!

Back in October, before changing up this blog, I decided to enter Susanna Hill's Annual Halloweensie Writing Contest! The rules were: 100 words or less, appropriate for children, an obvious Halloween theme, and to include the words potion, trick, and cobweb.

Halloween Victory

Every Halloween, life is so unfair.

Our tummies are growling, our moods fastly falling

Like all the orange leaves we're tempted to eat.

Our candy bowl has cobwebs, tricks instead of treats.

Mom bakes round globs of veggies and says, "Take a cookie!"

But this year we'll show her she's still just a rookie.

We'll replace her hand lotion with just the right potion.

She'll make sugar salads and hide all the kale.

And oh, at lunchtime we'll have the best tale!

That crafty Mom, she thinks she's so sly.

But victory will be ours on this Halloween night.


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