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Reality Fiction

*if you look for this on Amazon, know that the cover has changed slightly since I purchased it. I like the new cover much better, actually. :)

I always struggle to put fiction down, but I REALLY had a hard time putting this one down. So I just didn't and this was my life for 2.5 days. :)

Stories stick with us in a way stark facts do not. It helps put us in another's shoes. Sometimes stories, especially movies, can be too gruesome and we block it out for sanity reasons.

Julie Bonn Blank is writing (this is book 1 of the Guardians of Grace series) about a worldwide issue that often goes unseen and overlooked: human trafficking. But she does it in a way that accomplishes all of the above - truthful, a great story - without going into gruesome detail with the obviously horrific reality.

I avoided reading this for a while, because as a parent, trafficking is my worse fear. The only time in my incredibly safe life that I've ever experienced hopelessness was when I dreamed that my children and I were kidnapped and I had zero control over their safety and whereabouts (They were 3 at the time).

But I finally read it, and I'm so glad Julie is using her writing talents and background to create this series. It's a good length - 314 pages - with short chapters that switch seamlessly between points of view. Perhaps the most impressive part was how she not only ended the book realistically, yet full of hope, but she managed to weave hope throughout the entire story.


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