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Be Ready...Right Where You Are.

This life is brief.

It is not for MY glory.

Therefore, it is not a waste to “live a small, quiet life,” giving it away to those God has woven into my story.

Being ready is a daily thing. Most of life resides in the myriad of moments marching on day after day. A sinful, uncontrolled life is a chaotic one. Our life with the Spirit should feel like the steady swelling of ocean waves, joy rising surely behind like the morning sun, the more we walk with Him. He sprinkles His children everywhere in this world. We don’t need to worry about not having 1 million subscribers or starting a world changing nonprofit (though wonderful things have come of both).

Quantity and visibility are the measuring sticks of success in our culture.

But that is far from what the Bible tells us.

And what a relief!

I believe this is a great, current example of Jesus’s words: “My yoke is easy and my burden is light.” Our culture’s “wisdom” does not bring freedom. It brings pressure. Following Jesus is to release ourselves and be filled with something lasting. Meaningful. Eternal. No matter the circumstances. No matter the political climate.

Release isn’t easy. We like to think we know better. But we did not create ourselves. Or this world. Nor did we save it. Or sustain it. If we can’t trust God, then where does that leave us?

“Be ready for every good work.”

The meaning, the purpose is right here. Right where I am. Where He’s put me. He is working everywhere. And this place in time and space is where He’s asked me to join Him.

Where has He placed you?


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