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Aunt BEE & Uncle ABE

Before I had my twins, I taught private piano lessons at a lovely music studio in town. I enjoyed all ages, but elementary school age was the most common - and committed - type of student. I often looked for new little games to make piano lessons more fun for kids just arriving from sitting in school all day and struggling to conjure up 30 more minutes of focused attention. They were always amazed you could spell common little words with the names of the keys (letters A-G repeated). A favorite for the littlest students was when part of their homework was playing the "DAD Song" for their fathers. (playing D-A-D in various high and low combinations)

This story is based on these words (in all caps). It's fun to read aloud while your young student or child finds the words as quickly as possible.

This is the story of Aunt BEE and Uncle ABE...

No one knows Aunt Bee's real name; she is called that because she eats honey at nearly every meal. Uncle ABE, on the other hand, prefers BEEF with an EGG and CABBAGE and doesn't really like honey.

One day, Aunt BEE and Uncle ABE got out of BED and went to a CAFE at the EDGE of their neighborhood for DECAF coffee. There they ran into Abe's DAD, who was quite AGED. DAD liked to GAB and wear his old BADGE and FADED uniform from his days as a policeman.

Now, Uncle ABE had heard all of Dad's stories many, many times, so today he decided to pretend he was DEAF. But DAD knew when his son was pretending, so he began telling a new story about the time he tried to FEED a tiger he brought home in a CAGE. Sweat BEADED up on Uncle Abe's forehead as he tried not to make an interested FACE. But when DAD said, "GEE, ABE, it's too BAD you've gone DEAF. I guess it's silly to continue with my story," ABE couldn't stand it any longer. He GAGGED on his DECAF coffee in his hurry to tell DAD he was not DEAF, and BEGGED him to continue on with the story.

"Well," DAD smiled, "Just as I reached my hand into the CAGE and DABBED a little BEEF juice on the tiger's nose…"

Aunt BEE interrupted. "Did you name your tiger?"

DAD replied, "Why yes I did. ACE!"

Uncle ABE made a GAG FACE at Aunt BEE for disrupting such an exciting story.

DAD continued, "Anyways, when ACE FACED me, I remembered what I had ADDED to the BEEF juice…"

Aunt BEE yelped, "My BAG!!! I spilled coffee on it!"

Uncle Abe cried, "I'm going to be DEAD before DAD finishes his story!"

DAD said, "I had ADDED a DAB of honey to the BEEF juice. And that's when I found out. Did you know tigers love honey??"

Aunt BEE clapped her hands, "Well of course they do! That's so cute!"

Uncle ABE was FED up. He stood up to pay the FEE for his coffee, as DAD liked to say, and went outside to call a CAB. Aunt BEE called out, "Where are you going?"

"I am going to the zoo to see a real, live, ferocious tiger that snarls and doesn't eat honey," Uncle ABE replied, "and then I am going back to BED!"

DAD turned to Aunt BEE. "But it's almost lunchtime, and ABE doesn't miss a meal for anything!"

Aunt BEE smiled and headed home to prepare BEEF with an EGG and CABBAGE for lunch, just the way Uncle ABE liked it.


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