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A Post-Pandemic Positive

For our family, last Friday (when I took this photo) was a result of our work, school and home lives being rerouted because of the pandemic. I feel like the pandemic chucked a big boulder in to the stream, splitting the societal current everyone was expected to float along with and gave people more choices. The choice to harness technology in bringing people together. The choice to outsource less and be home more. At any rate, that's how we've experienced it.

If not for this "boulder," the husband would have been hunkered in a beige cubicle and the boys would've been in public kindergarten, with one of them very unhappy about it. (Caveat: I'm aware I can say this because my boys have a safe home they love to be in). I would've been in my own little world, happy for as many breaks as possible from my "obligations".

That was where my particular family was at pre-pandemic.

But last Friday, the husband (who now works totally from home) had time off to burn, the kids were home, and it was the last nice day of fall. We wanted to hike at a place that wasn't too far away and was doable for the kids. Being a weekday, any crowds would be at a minimum. We decided to go for it. And I'm so glad we did.

Our society is so fractured, so destructively independent, so me-focused, that being forced to come back together and stop outsourcing everything we do has been refreshing (for some families). Using our homes for work, education, eating, hospitality, and exercise has been a really helpful option to have.

Our Fall Friday Hike was one of those days that reminded me why we are continuing to go with the new option of doing work and school (for the most part) at home. Considering the society we are in, I think if your family is mentally healthier at home, then go for it! I can honestly say that so far, ours seems to be getting healthier by the day.

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Oct 31, 2022

It is fun to picture your family adventure to such a beautiful spot! As for boulders landing in our streams, it reminds me that God causes all things to work together for good for those who love Him... (Romans 8:28).

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