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A Family Is Like A Bank

Are you a new spouse and/or parent? Congratulations! You've just opened an account in the oldest and most well-known bank. It has been thoroughly documented, studied, and observed how to smartly invest and gain wealth in this bank.

But be prepared, this requires patience and compromise. Both of which, not only compound interest in your account, but make you a stronger and healthier person as well! A unique perk of this particular bank!

A helpful tip in getting started is remembering to invest with shared time. This will often require activities that are not necessarily your favorite but that mean a lot to your family members.

This bank also requires daily deposits! Yes, the rumors are true that you can keep your account open with only occasional deposits but should enough fines accrue from lack of activity, your account could very well be shut down. This is quite common so don't let it take you by surprise.

This bank continues to receive 5 star ratings in sociology, psychology, neuroscience, education, and many other fields. Enjoy knowing that with regular deposits and monitoring, your account should thrive.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to some of our oldest account holders.

The joyful ones have the best advice.


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