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1: You Know You're A Mom When...

MAN comes home from a solid MTB workout, takes shower, lays in bed.

WOMAN comes home from a solid MTB workout, let's the dog out, waters flowers, picks up dog's many poop piles, pulls out frozen ham steak for dinner, unloads dishwasher, cleans up counters and remnants of breakfast, washes dishes, asks Man when he wants to go run their errand, is VERY aware of the time she has left before Children are returned home from Grandparents' house, and returns to bedroom to hurry Man along.

Moms are busy bees, and it hit me today that I'm one of them.

Before I had kids, I wasn't the best with time management - I'm a thinker, a dreamer, a reader, and the internet is very distracting. But I knew with absolutely certainty that would improve should kids come along. And it has. I know when I need rest, and I take it. But I also keep busy and focused in a way I didn't before.

I like it.

The End.


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